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Mark Ross Photography is born

Today I came in from running errands and there it was: a package from the FedEx man. But this wasn't just any package. It was the package I've waited for all week. And instead of just being addressed to me like a normal piece of mail, this was the first time I got to hold something in my hands that said Mark Ross Photography. Wow.

Inside the brown envelope was a print I did as a test. I'm still experimenting with which pro lab I'm going to be using for clients, and this was the first test. I printed a recent image on metal, which sounds bizarre (and a little too edgy, perhaps) but it's REALLY cool. Anyway, I wasn't sure what to expect until I opened the box, but my jaw dropped at how incredible my work looked when printed on aluminum! And that's when it hit me again: MY WORK!

Now let's get something out of the way right now: this is not a blog simply to showcase what my work is and what it looks like. It is not just a space for me to write a few lovely things about my latest bride and slap a couple pictures on there for her family to see. This blog is for people to understand the person behind the photographs. I am now making a living documenting other people's lives, but I want a space for me to document my own journey as a photographer.

To be posting this as a photographer on my own website is blowing my mind, in the same way that holding a piece of art in my hands earlier today and realizing I had created it made my heart bubble. But it's all sinking in...I am finally doing this! I am a photographer!

Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse strap. No, I do not care.

Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse strap. No, I do not care.