Lifestyle and Family Photojournalism

What is Family Photojournalism and how is it different than portrait photography?

My Lifestyle and Family Photojournalism images are unposed and candid 90 percent of the time, whereas my portrait work is very posed, deliberate and directed. When I arrive to a lifestyle session, my goal is to melt into the background as much as possible to produce the most authentic imagery possible.


Why this style?

Most of the professional images that typical families have taken together are wonderful, and yet the only story they tell is that the photographer told them to not blink and say cheese. While flipping through beloved childhood albums as a teenager, I found myself drawn most to images that told a genuine story and made me feel like I was actually stepping back into time. 

As a photographer, I capture families the way that I want to remember my own family at the end of my life: candidly and exactly the way they are. And I see the moments worth capturing absolutely everywhere I go in life! 


Where do these sessions take place?

My favorite place to photograph clients is in their home because that's where most families are the most comfortable being completely themselves. But I will photograph a family anywhere that I can follow them with my camera. It will be like you have your own personal paparazzi for the day!


Who are these sessions good for?

Absolutely anybody can be photographed in this style. I photograph everyone from young couples in their first apartment to grandparents meeting their grandchildren for the first time and everything in between!


What if we get nervous in front of the camera?

I send all of my clients a questionnaire to get to know them better. Once I find out your family's favorite activities, we can start to plan the session. The goal is always to find activities or outings that are fun and typical for your unique and beautiful family. In doing this, most clients forget they are being photographed.


How do we book a session?

Please visit my contact page here and send me an email. I will then send you my client questionnaire and we will go from there!

I look forward to meeting and being of service to you!