Mark Ross | Your Denver Wedding Photographer

I was born to be a wedding photographer

When I was five years old I was sitting in a Kindergarten show and tell circle, anxiously awaiting my turn. The teacher finally asked me, "Mark, what do you have to share today?". With a huge grin on my face I said, "wellllll, I don't have anything to show today, but I DO have something incredible to tell. My sister's baby doll just got married yesterday!!!" Anddddd crickets.

I was born to love weddings and photograph them. I was obviously also born to be gay, but that's another story.

I photographed my first wedding ten years before starting my photography business, just months after I picked up my first DSLR camera. I had cried very dramatically at the first wedding I ever attended and felt a passion surging through me to capture those moments in time forever. With no conscious intention of ever making a career of it, I would instinctively pull out my new gadget and aim it from the church pew, or walk around with it during the reception instead of taking part in the Electric Slide.This quickly turned into me unofficially starting my career as what's called a second or assistant shooter at all of my friend's weddings. I use the word career loosely, as I wasn't getting paid. In full disclosure, I had not been invited by any of the paid photographers to participate at all, period. As my camera furiously clicked away over one surly photographer's shoulder, he turned to me and dryly said, "Um, I'm sorry, would you like to do this instead of me?"

Why yes. Yes, I think I would.


Telling your story

I've been a story teller my whole life. In general, I don't shut up. That is, until I pick up my camera. I then become very shy...and that's when I start allowing my photographs to do the talking and tell your story.

I shoot primarily in what's referred to as photojournalistic style. This means that instead of spending endless time posing you unnaturally, I want to melt into the background and capture your wedding day as it naturally unfolds.

Every bride and groom I've ever photographed have told me three things. First, they didn't know how stressful it was to plan a wedding. Second, just after the wedding they tell me that most of it was a blur. And finally, once they have seen my work they tell me that seeing their story told in photographs has given them the ability to experience the day all over again, but slowly enough that they can enjoy it.

To be able to preserve one of the best days of my client's lives is an amazing responsibility that I am so very honored to have.


Clients for a day, friends for life

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important wedding decisions you will make. You will be inviting this person to share nearly every intimate moment of one of the most important days of your life. So while it's obviously vital that you connect with your photographer's work, it's just as important that you click with the photographer. No pun intended.

Every couple that I've worked with are still my friends to this day. And ultimately, I want to feel that connection with them from the first time we sit down together. You see, for me this is so much more than a job. I will get almost as excited as the mother of the bride when I see her fastening up her daughter's gown. I will hold back tears so that I can focus on my work as you both say your vows in front of those you love so dearly. And days later, as I stare at my computer editing your images, I will pause to smile and softly say to myself, "wow, they really did look perfect."

I care about my clients in the same way I care about my closest friends.


Please contact me

It would be my absolute pleasure and privilege to sit with you both, hear how you met and what you already have in place for your special day. I offer several packages to fit your specific needs and budget. I am also a full service business, which means that I arrange for the printing of your images using a professional lab with archival quality ink and paper. This includes everything from designing your wedding album to helping you choose the best images to create unique wall art for your home.

To answer any questions you may have, and to get to know each other better, please contact me to arrange a consultation.


I look forward to serving you...and to telling your story.